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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to ship? 
Turnaround time varies with each drop and each product.  Please follow our VIP Facebook page for up to date turnaround times and details on when your order will ship

Do you offer special discounts or coupon codes?
Yes! Join our private Facebook group at BowMom VIP to stay updated on our newest releases and special discounts.

Some colors look very similar.  How do I decide?
BowMom stocks several colors of varying hues.  In the albums section of BowMom VIP, there are several color comparisons to help make your decision easier.  Feel free to ask our members to post real photos of a particular color as well.

I received a shipping notification but my order is still in pre-shipment.
Labels are batch printed to save time and ensure timeliness and quality control. Message BowMom.  
Update: Pre-printed shipping labels are being phased out.  For most orders, when you receive an email with a tracking number, your order will ship within 24-48 hours. 

My bow came untied. Do you have a video on how I can re-tie it?
I do not have a video at this time. I pride myself with a unique tie and do my best to ensure each knot is tight so they do not come untied easily. If you find yourself with an untied bow, I will gladly retie it for you. Just pay shipping both ways.

Where do you get your fabric? What material are the bows made out of?
A lot of my work behind the scenes is sourcing new prints and is time consuming. I work with a variety of local and e-commerce vendors and wholesalers to choose fabric prints and textures that my customers will love as much as I do.